Acting for Sustainability

Acting for Sustainability

Mia and Maya are two friends and bright and passionate high school students from Greenview. They are both in love with their city, especially its landscape, the beaches, forests, and friendly people. The two friends are together activists for the environment and take part to campaigns for the safeguarding of Greenview landscape and parks. Both friends advocate and promote correct recycling and started to monitor how their friends use to dispose their rubbish. Eventually they found out that their friends are normally throwing the overall rubbish in the generic waste. Their friends declared it was too much work recycling. Mia and Maya convinced their friends to recycle pushing them at least for a week, and eventually their friends found out that recycling was easier and not time consuming as they thought. What is more, they started to reflect on the amount of rubbish they use to dump before and the impact they were causing on the environment and waste disposal services of the city.
This event and the debate with their friend encouraged Mia and Maya to reflect on the actual need of the population to have more information and to be encouraged to recycle. What is more, they thought that information was either not sufficient for the citizens or not intelligible, and the citizens were not aware about the waste management in their city. Hence, Mia and Maya decided to start a school club to raise awareness about the problems of waste management in the city and the importance of recycling. They called the club the "Greenview Sustainability Club" and they started to draft and plan some actions and activities. Help Mia and Maya to protect Greenview, and to raise awareness among locals, answer some question to improve waste management in the city.

In planning any individual action what shall Mia and Maya consider?

Mia and Maya are thinking to prepare an open letter to the municipality department in charge of the waste management, to have more information about the efficiency of the waste management process and inform the citizens about the sustainable practices in place. Do you think this is a god move and why?

By setting a club Maya and Mia, together with the students at the school they managed to involve in the club they are thinking to actively engage with political and economic stakeholders in the pursuit of environmentally sustainable practices in Greenview. Which could be the purpose of setting the dialogue with those stakeholders?

Why should Mia and Maya motivate the participant to the club to cooperate and take joined action in shaping a sustainable and inclusive future?

Why should Mia and Maya start a campaign on the importance of everyday actions in achieving sustainability?

Why should Mia and Maya consider that something might be harmful when planning individual and collective initiative to achieve the club/activists goal?