Embodying Sustainable Values

Embodying Sustainable Values

In the bustling city of Greenview, there was a young entrepreneur named Emma. Growing up near the city's beautiful coastline, she developed a deep love for the sea and nature. Since her teenage hood she became an activist advocating for the environment and she was always actively contributing to think on initiatives to fundraise the Greenview Wildlife Found, enabling it to implement actions to protect her beloved coastline. Emma always loved the idea to stay in her city and to develop a business idea matching her passion for sustainability and work. Hence, starting from her increasing concern about the devastating impact of plastic pollution on marine life and the overall health of the planet, she started to consider the idea to develop a business idea to limit the use of plastic single use items. In fact, in many of the actions she has been undertaking with the Greenview Wildlife Found she noticed the increasing amount of single use plastic cups, cutlery, dishes and bags to be collected from the beach. To define the core-business of her start-up idea, she started to research on the use of single-use plastic bags in the city. Every year the citizens were going through million single use plastic bags, most of which ending up in landfills or found their way into waterways. From this research she got the idea to start EcoBags limited, a company focusing on reusable everyday items and bags, and she had to design a presentation and business plan to ask for funding to investor and start her business. Can you help her to make her eco-business come true? Answer some question, she will be pleased about you support.

In which way Emma could demonstrate she values sustainability through EcoBags Limited?

What is the environmental impact reduction enabled by EcoBags Limited Emma should mention in her presentation?

Why the promotion of nature a key aspect of EcoBags Limited's mission?

Emma would love to highlight the fairness of her business and highlight its role in building l positive relationship with stakeholders. Would you suggest doing so and why?

How can Emma's business actively be explained in the business plan to show the relevance of nature promotion in her operation?

How can Emma incorporate fairness in her business practices?