Embracing complexity

Embracing complexity

Ted is a young entrepreneur who is an activist in some environmental organisations and worked as a volunteer cleaning the beaches of Greenview like his friend Emma who is managing a business producing Eco-bags. His father owns a company that produces disposable plastic items (bags, plates, cups, and straws), which he is expected to inherit one day. His father business as it is wont suit his life philosophy as well the market of disposable products will have to face a transition toward sustainability because of the European Ban to plastic. Despite the need to deal with the transition his father, who is still in charge of the company do not want to take this step, nor cooperate with any other business, like Ted’s friend Emma’s once, because of the uncertainty of the return of the investment to be done to go sustainable. Ted was determined to find a solution, investigating other initiatives started around the world in the same field, as well to gather more knowledge about the material, processes, and circularity, to draft more effective strategies and to show his dad that he will be able and ready to manage the family business in the future. Help Ted to fulfil his goals, choose the solutions to the quests he will have to face.

Ted has to address the sustainability issue of his dad’s business. How should he approach the issue and address his research for a solution?

How do you think a comprehensive analysis of the issue, the state of the art and the context will help Ted to be ready to push the transition to sustainability for his family business?

To define the sustainability problem and therefore to act to face it and support the resilience and/or growth of the family business Ted should consider temporal and geographical scope. Do you think this is relevant?

Why is crucial for Ted to recognize difficulty in sustainability issues?

What is a key aspect Ted must consider about reflecting and identifying the problems in shifting the family business toward sustainability?

What role does reflection play in understanding sustainability issues and considering them for the transition of Ted’s family business?