Envisioning Sustainable futures

Envisioning Sustainable futures

First days on the job go hand in hand with the anticipation of what future lies ahead – and with worries about what could go wrong. Today, it is Nora’s first day of her term in Greenview’s local government in the Department of Environment and Sustainability. As she opens the door to her office, her heart flutters in excitement. Finally! Since her early school years, she made it her priority to learn more about climate change and what can be done to fight it. There are so many ways! Everyone can contribute and the action of single individuals can significantly affect the future and now she is in the position to generate even more impact in multiple areas.

Nora sits down at her desk and sighs – first things first. Before she can facilitate change, she has to evaluate and analyse the status-quo of Greenview’s sustainability initiatives. Generally, Greenview is already a modern and eco-conscious city, but there is room for improvement. Based on the assessed impact significance of lifestyles and municipal services, Nora creates a list of potential areas for improvement and adaptation, and identifies

(1) the mobility sector including the infrastructure supporting travelling by plane, train, bus, car, bicycle or on foot within, from and to Greenview,

(2) the food supply chains and promotion, which should feature more local, seasonal and low carbon footprint goods instead of exotic foods and the currently high meat consumption, and

(3) the funding to foster a more circular economy and recycling initiatives versus the current capitalistic linear economy practices and short product lifespans such as fast fashion trends.

Again, feelings of excitement and worry take turns in Noras mind. But she quickly calms herself again as she remembers that she has a few years to tackle these issues. And she is not afraid of failures, because they are just opportunities to learn from mistakes! Help Nora to achieve the challenges together with the community, answer the following questions to draw the sustainable future of Greenview.

Which main concept of circular economy should Nora follow in her sustainability strategy for Greenview?

What does Nora work will involve when trying to set a sustainable future for Greenview?

To carry out her job and duties Nora has to ensure to consider sustainability challenges and opportunities from different perspectives. How shall she do it?

How could Nora address a sustainable change in Grenview management and development?

How should Nora face new challenges linked to the development of the strategies she will have to put in place to guarantee a sustainable present and future for Greenview?

To accomplish her job and achieve the goals of her job Nora will have to keep…